SANsymphony-V10 das virtual SAN der Enterprise-Klasse

What’s New in 10.0 PSP3

Managed Storage Performance Degradation
Detect, monitor and react to performance degradation on back-end disks. A Logical Disk Latency monitor has been added, and sample scripts are included that can be used by administrators to automate handling of failures.
o disablelogicaldisksaccess.ps1 may be used with a trigger definition to mark front end and mirror ports inaccessible for the logical disk(s) who have SAUs on the physical disk exhibiting the latency.
o enablelogicaldisksaccess.ps1 will enable the disabled logical disks once the issue has been corrected.

Replication Group Checkpoints
o Added checkpoints for virtual disk groups.
o Extended checkpoints to enable an association of virtual disks with common markers at the replication destination.

Flash Devices
Detect and identify Flash/SSD devices with a different icon and disk type.

Support Bundle Relay
a separate installation package that creates a non-DataCore Server support bundle relay proxy to eliminate the need for DataCore Server internet connectivity. This enables automated upload of support bundles vs. manual transport and upload.

Port Contention
Added a port contention monitor that tracks and compares ‘Port Busy’ responses with thresholds that may be configured. An alert occurs when a threshold is reached

REST support
a separate installation package provides basic monitoring capability thru a SANsymphony-V REST API.